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EV range roundup, Fiat 500e battery swapping, Morgan 3-wheel electric sports car: Today’s Car News

Some EVs do exceed EPA range figures at 70 mph. Britain’s Morgan splits the difference between a vintage sports car and an Aptera with its latest prototype. And Ample’s battery swapping tech is getting put to the test on a car-sharing fleet of Fiat EVs in Spain. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Stellantis is testing EV battery swapping from Ample on 100 Fiat 500e electric cars that are part of the company’s Free2Move car-sharing service—and that means a fully charged battery in five minutes. With this trial, it’s seeing if battery swapping can scale up, or extend out to other upcoming EVs from Stellantis’ many brands, including Jeep and Dodge. 

The British specialty sports car maker Morgan on Wednesday revealed the XP-1 electric three-wheeler, featuring a powertrain developed in-house and a weight of only around 1,500 pounds for this two-seater. Although still a prototype, this model could shape up to be a more vintage-styled alternative to the long-awaited Aptera. 

And updated results on the range of the latest EVs from Consumer Reports highlighted what needs to be emphasized for anyone considering an EV: EPA range for EVs isn’t a highway number. That said, CR found that some models from Mercedes-Benz and BMW actually exceeded the EPA range at 70 mpg—a great thing—while others including Lucid and Tesla fell short. 


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