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Coffee or mushrooms? Why not both?

Under the caffeine-fuelled section of social media, a peculiar contender has emerged from the depths of TikTok and Instagram—mushroom coffee. What began as a slow trend has now mushroomed (pun intended) into a phenomenon, with over 38 million TikTok views, leaving people questioning the familiar embrace of their daily java. We spoke to health experts to explore the nuances of this new crop of coffee.

Mushroom coffee typically involves blending a powder crafted from ground mushrooms and coffee beans.

Mushroom coffee typically involves blending a powder crafted from ground mushrooms and coffee beans. This powder is now readily available for purchase online and from boutique-infused coffee shops. ‘The mushroom coffee preparation process, which involves either soaking shiitake and Portuguese mushrooms to create a latte or grinding dehydrated mushrooms with ground coffee, brings a distinctive umami flavour that effectively balances out the acidity of regular coffee,’ says Parth Gupta, Chef-Founder, Bloom Cafe & Cakery on Priya High Street. ‘When using fresh coffee beans, the outcome is akin to an espresso shot, delivering a liquid richness and adding a pleasing earthiness to the experience,’ he explains.

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While conventional coffee is renowned for its inherent health benefits, mushroom coffee stands out with its distinct advantages, making it an increasingly favoured choice for those seeking caffeine reduction.

‘Mushroom coffee is revered for essential vitamins like B6, D, and magnesium, along with iron. The positive effects extend to cholesterol reduction, inflammation alleviation, and the promotion of restful sleep, with magnesium playing a key role in this regard,’ says nutritionist Tripti Tandon. ‘Additionally, the beverage is recognized as a stress buster, attributed to the presence of vitamin B6,’ she explains.

However, experts warn that coffee, be it regular or mushroom, must be carefully consumed by individuals with digestive sensitivities and kidney issues due to its potassium content.”


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