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Decorate Your Home With $100 Off These Twinkly Smart String Lights

The holiday season is upon us, but it’s never too late to upgrade your home with smart lighting like these Twinkly String smart lights. This 400-LED kit is much smarter than your average string lights, with a lot of added controls and functions you can handle through your phone. The bundle also throws in a 60-LED set of Twinkly Dots. A limited-time deal at Best Buy discounts the lights to $120 from $220. If you want some next-level Christmas decor, this is the thing to grab.

The Twinkly smart lights feature app controls that are much better on this second-generation version compared with the original model. Beyond just letting you control the color of all the lights at once, the app allows you to individually set each LED to a different color, so you can essentially draw your own patterns. You can also coordinate some animated light shows, with a whole selection of animations you can download from the app, making for a ton of customizability.

The main 400-LED set covers 105 feet with a light every 3 inches, while the 60-LED Dot set is 9.8 feet long and has a transparent wire. Setup is relatively easy, with the app guiding a straightforward process for pairing and getting started immediately. Also, while the main string lights are marketed as tree lights, you can use them anywhere, especially since they have an IP44 rating that means they can handle the outdoors — ideal if you’ve already decked out your tree for the year. As for the Dots, they only have an IP20 rating, so they’re for indoor use only.

Smart home integration is excellent with support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. And, even better, these lights are good for year-round use, with the LEDs rated to last for 30,000 hours, so they’re ideal for other holidays or as day-to-day mood lighting. 

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